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Enterprise Level

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Ironton Global is passionate about delivering an exceptional service experience to enterprise businesses on a global scale. Understanding the depth of the service requirements and the overall performance expectations of the entire company from the top down, A to Z, is just the beginning process for our team of service experts. Through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and innovative service differentiators such as Least Cost Trunk Averaging (LCTA), Ironton Global produces telecom operational efficiencies for multi-location Fortune 500 companies while enhancing communication capabilities over traditional PSTN service providers.

Enhanced Services

    • Dedicated Account Managers & Service Implementation Experts
    • Dedicated Toll Free Customer Care Call Queues & Priority Routing
    • Customized SLA’s as applicable
    • Global MPLS circuit delivery through strategic carrier relationships

Contact Centers
As contact centers have become increasingly more sophisticated over the years, so has Ironton Global by providing these operations with more efficiencies and cost savings through enhanced SIP trunking. Geography means nothing anymore and physical "brick and mortar" locations are no longer relevant with the advent of international virtual DIDs, dynamic load balancing and the ability to share SIP Trunking domains, in different time zones, across the globe.

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Ironton Telephone Company has been providing state of the art technology to its users. At Ironton Global, we take that rich history and enable it with cloud services ranging from best of breed Cloud IP Telephony, to High Definition SIP Trunks, Business High Definition conferencing, Efaxing and much more.

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