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TRIPLE FAILOVER NETWORK ARCHITECTURE - Who says lightening never strikes the same place twice? At Ironton Global, we are redefining VoIP communications. We built a robust FIVE-9's Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) network back in the late 1960's to deliver excellent voice communication to our valued customers in the Lehigh Valley and we are now repeating that same success by delivering all of our VoIP phone calls over private IP connections on a global level. What does that mean to our customers? Call quality you can hear and depend on day in and day out. This approach to service delivery is more expensive to operate but when 100,000 residential and business customers rely on your service everyday, why would you do it any other way?


Triple Failover Architecture Overview:

  • All calls are delivered over our private IP connections all the time, every time
  • If a call cannot complete via IP, calls are instantly redirected over our FIVE-9’s TDM Network
  • If the call still cannot complete, only then is the call delivered over the public Internet

All the aforementioned call routing call takes place in milliseconds within our co-location facilities in real time. Out of the 1,000's of ITSP's (Internet Telephony Service Providers) in the US market selling business VoIP, wouldn’t you think that more would not settle for just "public internet delivery" of their customer's phone calls? Nine out of ten providers solely utilize public Internet for all their call delivery. Are your conversations garbled? Experiencing echo or just hearing every other word? Not at Ironton Global.

Triple Failover Architecture Advantages:

  • Guaranteed Call Delivery
  • Unparalleled Call Quality
  • Industry Best Pricing

Now that you understand the quality we deliver, get a Quick Quote instantly to see how much you can save! For a more consultative approach fill out a Request a Quote form or call 1-855-226-0530 to learn to speak to an Ironton Global sales expert.

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Ironton Telephone Company has been providing state of the art technology to its users. At Ironton Global, we take that rich history and enable it with cloud services ranging from best of breed Cloud IP Telephony, to High Definition SIP Trunks, Business High Definition conferencing, Efaxing and much more.

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