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Supported PBX’s

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Even though Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is fast becoming the defacto-standard in global voice communications, Ironton Global recognizes that each IP-PBX phone system manufacturer has specific nuances within their SIP configuration that makes deployment of the service, not standard. Ironton Global’s chose its robust VoIP carrier grade platform for its out of the box integration with many of the leading manufacturer’s IP-PBX’s. Therefore, we are not required to perform extensive interoperability testing with each PBX manufacturer and instead, we apply our resources to areas that best serve our partners and customers in ensuring unparalleled uptime and service performance.

With a superior and well established partner channel, Ironton Global’s NOC leverages our partner engineering staff to field test new releases and new models of IP-PBX’s as a continuous testing and certification process. Below is a list of all certified and or field certified PBX’s seamlessly interopped with Ironton Global.

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pdfIronton Global SIP Trunking 560 KB



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Ironton Telephone Company has been providing state of the art technology to its users. At Ironton Global, we take that rich history and enable it with cloud services ranging from best of breed Cloud IP Telephony, to High Definition SIP Trunks, Business High Definition conferencing, Efaxing and much more.

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