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As a small business, it is important to efficiently and effectively communicate to compete with large corporations. Many cloud-based phone systems and communication tools are geared toward big businesses, making them too expensive for smaller companies. 

Ironton Global understands the need for great communication tools without maxing out the budget. Our VoIP services and Yealink devices can fill any need you may have to bring your communications up to speed.

VoIP Service & Mobile Communicator App

In small business settings, executives and employees alike wear many different hats which can pull them away from their desks. From client meetings to a hybrid work schedule, we understand that you need to stay connected outside of your office. 

Ironton Global’s business VoIP service allows you to communicate with clients and colleagues from anywhere. Voice over IP phone services provide businesses with many advanced features, such as auto attendant, to bring your communication to the next level for customers and staff alike. 

Our Mobile Communicator app allows you to make business calls from your business number directly from your cell phone. You can transfer calls to and from the office, make phone calls from your work phone number, and access your work voicemail. The app also features a Do Not Disturb feature so that you can leave work at work. 

Yealink Devices

Yealink devices operate through a cloud-based system, which gives you the freedom to interconnect your account on various devices throughout your office. Yealink devices are compatible with video conferencing platforms, mobile devices, and PCs to make meeting and brainstorming easy.  

Here are some of our favorite Yealink devices for small business owners:

Yealink SIP-T46U HD Audio Quality SIP for Enhancing Productivity IP Phone

Recommended Desk Phone: Yealink T46U

The T46U model features dual USB ports, giving employees the option to connect two USB devices at the same time. Options for connection include headsets, Bluetooth or Wifi dongles, or USB flash drives. 

This model also is equipped with a full-color screen interface and a 3.7-inch screen. There are two Gigabit Ethernet ports so your communications can keep up with your business needs through a lightning-fast internet connection. 

Recommended Conference Phone: Wireless DECT Conference Phone

Yealink CP930W DECT Conference Phone Wireless

The Yealink Wireless DECT Conference Phone CP930W is best for small businesses. The cordless functionality makes it the perfect fit for small conference rooms or huddle rooms. Since this device operates on a cordless design, you never have to worry about power outages or network disruptions. 

This device can be paired via USB or Bluetooth with call recording capabilities. Parties can join the call on their smartphone through a Bluetooth connection or their PC. 

You can conduct a 5-way conference call with ease, or conduct a hybrid UC meeting, which can help save your company money. 

Unify Communications with Ironton Global

Ironton Global has been providing small businesses with VoIP phones, hosted PBX, and cloud phone services for over a century. Contact us to learn more about our devices and services to find a solution that will help you achieve your business goals.