While it is recommended to use a qualified electrician or telephone technician for installation, troubleshooting and/or repairs, you may follow the steps listed below to troubleshoot on your own.

Before You Call

Reviewing the SIP Technical Support Reporting Information will help in gathering critical information which will aid in the repair of most issues.

Troubleshoot WAN & LAN (Network)

  1. Check your internet connection.
    1. Contact your ISP if required.
    2. Check your Firewall & Router settings.
      1. Disable SIPALG if required.

Troubleshoot SIP Devices

  1. For Troubleshooting Help on SIP Devices:
    1. Refer toSIP Device Support
      1. Refer toAnalog Terminal Adaptors
      2. Refer toSIP Device Support
  2. For Calling Issue Help:
    1. Refer toCalling Issue Support

Open a Technical Support Ticket

If you are currently experiencing issues with your telephone service and would like to contact our support department with pertinent information regarding your trouble.

Emailing Support

Our automated ticketing system will respond with a ticket number for correspondence.

Phone: +1 (855) 226-0531
Email:  support@irontonglobal.com

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