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VoIP (Voice over IP) allows users to make phone calls over their data network instead of using their analog telephone lines or desk phones. While you can still have premise-based equipment as a part of your business phone solution, you aren’t limited to just those devices. 

VoIP for business is becoming an increasingly popular tool for business communications because it can be used through traditional hosted PBX systems, cordless devices, cell phones, and even mobile apps. 

VoIP features make it the clear choice for businesses, whether you are a small business or a national brand. Learn about why Ironton Global recommends VoIP cloud phones to business owners. 

Mobility: Freedom to Do Business Anywhere

Business isn’t just done in the office anymore. Employees can work from home, you can take important calls over your car’s Bluetooth speaker, or you can catch up on communications while you are at your child’s soccer practice. 

VoIP service allows your business calls to be directed to your mobile device so you never have to miss client questions, brainstorming sessions, or calls from your colleagues. 

Ironton Global’s Mobile Communicator app lets you stay connected when you aren’t in the office. Our app separates business and personal communications and voicemails will be left on your work voicemail. You can also make calls from your business phone number directly from your smartphone. This gives employees and executives alike the ability to do business on the go but still enjoy a positive work/life balance. 

Cost-Effective for C-Suite Leaders

Not only can you cut the cord, but you can cut the costs. VoIP phone systems can save your company money because VoIP uses your Internet connection. This means that you don’t need to purchase any extra systems or hardware for it to be operational. 

Ironton Global offers Yealink VoIP devices for purchase for rent so you can get the solution you need for the price your company can afford. 

VoIP can slash your phone bill, especially for small businesses. The cost per call is significantly less since you aren’t paying for calls based on location, volume, or distance. 

Conference Calls Made Easy

Virtual meetings have become the business standard in recent years. VoIP allows for audio conferencing for a more personal and convenient meeting experience. 

Increased Customer Service

Because VoIP makes communications so accessible, your customers reap the benefits of getting their needs met more easily and more efficiently. 

The call quality on VoIP devices is crisp and clear. Ironton Global’s devices offer additional solutions such as specialized microphones and headsets to help drown out background noise and increase voice quality. 

Added Features to Increase Efficiency

VoIP phone services make daily business operations easy. You can ensure that your business never misses an important call through call routing, call forwarding, and call notify features. You can easily enable call recording on important phone meetings to be referenced later. You can even enable auto attendant, which essentially acts as a virtual receptionist. 

Make the Switch

Ironton Global’s FIVE-9’s Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) network has redefined VoIP communications, which means our customers are guaranteed a fast, reliable connection. 

Contact Ironton Global to learn more about our cloud-based phone systems and find a business solution that fits your needs.