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Ironton Global is a leading international provider of cloud-based communication services. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Ironton Telephone Company, we have over 109 years of excellence in delivering quality voice communication. With a broad-ranging portfolio of enhanced IP-based phone, trunking, conferencing, faxing and calling applications, Ironton has provided unparalleled voice services to SMB’s, enterprise customers, carriers and consumers both regionally and globally. Financially stable and profitable, our services are guaranteed by a proven ability to provide premium customer service and superior quality communication performance.

  • Delivering Telecommunications Innovation since 1909
  • Seamlessly Integrated TDM and VoIP Switches for Unparalleled Service Delivery
  • Commitment to Innovation and Customer Service Excellence

Ironton Global Remains at the Forefront of Telecommunications

We continue to break through traditional telecom barriers to evolve the ILEC/CLEC models without losing our focus of our commitment to service excellence. Deploying a state-of-the-art international VOIP carrier network and Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) call control platform, we now deliver an integrated portfolio of business SIP service solutions to existing customers, industry partners, and a global market.

Ironton Global continues this tradition of viewing business connectivity from the perspective of an individual or local company that places a premium on unbroken connections, total reliability, and affordability.

To learn more about Ironton’s rich history and new SIP service innovations, call us at 1-855-226-0530 for a professional consultation.

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