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A medical professional sits at a computer wearing a VoIP headset

Cloud-based phone systems are quickly becoming the go-to communications tool for healthcare providers. With all of today’s technology, there are few industries that are as reliant on communication for their success as healthcare professionals. A hospital or doctor’s office must be able to keep in contact with their patients, other doctors, and support staff, whether it be across the campus or across the country. 

The healthcare industry is highly competitive and healthcare centers are always looking for ways to attract new patients while keeping current ones happy. By adopting VoIP and cloud-based phone systems, they can do just that. Here’s how:

Improve Patient Care

One of the reasons why VoIP and cloud-based phones have become so popular in the healthcare industry is because they can inadvertently improve patient care. Delayed responses from medical staff to emergency calls can be a liability and affect lives. With cloud phone systems, calls can reach employees wherever they are. 

Improve Efficiency

Cloud-based phone systems can improve efficiency throughout hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities by helping staff members work together seamlessly and streamline communications.

These systems allow for real-time collaboration between healthcare providers, which means that treatment plans can be determined and executed more efficiently. If a patient needs immediate attention from multiple departments, cloud phones increase the chance that those departments will have open lines of communication and can work together efficiently. 

Integrate Technology

Cloud-based phone systems can easily integrate with hospital applications such as CRM software and patient portals. This integration allows healthcare workers to process patient information faster and with increased accuracy. 
In the healthcare industry, it is crucial to have a reliable phone system that can provide the top-notch service your patients deserve. In this workforce, having a phone system that is mobile and adaptable to an ever-changing environment can mean the difference between life and death. Ironton Global can help you decide which VoIP cloud phone is best for your practice.